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Product Description Product Number Price Quantity
Arm Through Apron: Standard Size 001RP $27.00
Arm Through Apron: Large Size 003RP $28.50
Hands Free Apron: Velcro Standard Size 005RP $39.25
Hands Free Apron: Velcro Large Size 007RP $41.25
Hands Free Apron: Hook & Cord 009RP $39.00
Hands Free Apron: Hook & Cord Large Size 010RP $41.00
Hands Free Apron: Bergen Half Apron 026RP $20.50
Picking Bag 020 $22.00
Apron Pocket Replacement 021 $1.90
Safety Cutter (S4): Right Hand 330R $5.25
Safety Cutter (S4): Left Hand 330L $5.25
Replacement Blades for Safety Cutter (100/box) UB018 $14.20
Touch Knife 022 $2.25
Tote Marker 023 $2.80


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